Our Story

We are digital fabricators driven by innovation and design.

Kaalzua is a brand that aims at a sustainable change to create a positive impact in the furnishings industry to cater to a mass audience, working in the realm of ‘Industry 5.0’. Emerging from a passion to solve problems through design, we took our first step amidst the pandemic. A power packed father-son duo, with the former contributing on the business and administrative side and the latter handling the design and creation aspect, we got under way with our research in the sector of digital fabrication. This brings together the varied expertise of carpenters to artists combined with overall automation to create quotidian products.

We started this venture and initially collaborated with a manufacturing unit- ‘Saba Furniture’, establishing an independent facility thereafter. We registered as a company to give our idea a tangible form. With trials and tests with prototypes, we finally realised our goal, from making smaller articles for daily use to even flatpack cottages. Our inceptive stage incorporated materials from local vendors which has only grown with us also dealing with bigger industrial units at present.

Despite facing hurdles many a times, with our respective expertise, experiences and values, we have emerged as a strong team and will continue with a dream of making our mark!

 A power packed foundation


Mantra: Clarity, energy and creativity

An explorer of virtual dimensions standing in a world of realism with a strong belief that every problem has a solution, thus making ideation simple, effective and sensible.

An award winning Architect and an Industrial Designer from SPA New Delhi, with hands on experience in the fields of design and manufacturing, he is the brain child behind the start-up. He is the charioteer who drives innovation with a vision. Having simultaneously worked on his research paper that has been published on an international platform, he has utilised his cognitive capacities in the best possible way. The power of resilience comes from his experience as an architect and designer, with humility to accept and work towards his goal to create a better tomorrow. He has the technical and visual know how, of what the brand stands for. He believes in collective effort and inclusive growth

Mantra: When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

A soldier craftsman, who believes in executing the task to the desired perfection, exhibiting the vision, planning, dedication and sincerity to the minutest details.

With three decades of decorated service for the Nation, successfully manning and managing the technical resources of the Army, displaying creative solutions during criticality, successfully executing his operational tasks in Kargil operation, strategic tasks in UN mission, the officer has given his best at all times and is ready to roar at new challenges coming his way.


Smarter processes.
Sustainable products.