Kaalzua presently uses the top quality Baltic Birchwood ply in its original colour for all its products. Baltic birch is a plywood product native to the north-eastern region of Europe around the Baltic Sea. In another range of products, a high quality laminate is pasted onto the birch ply, which simply gels with the aesthetics of any home.

Birch wood ply are 100% calibrated and Waterproof. Baltic birch’s core, unlike traditional plywood’s with voids and gaps, has the cross-banded layers of 1.5 mm thick birch veneer, which makes the sheets balanced, promises a flatter product and is laminated with strong adhesive. Anything we build out of Baltic birch should last a good, long time. High quality brass electroplated pipes and homogenously made bolts gives the more affluent look along with the strength. We use top quality upholstery material from NIRMAL’S to match the existing looks and aesthetics of your place.

Overall, the fusion of birch ply, brass and matching upholstery, crafted with the new-age technology and processes, creates a masterpiece from the stable of Kaalzua giving it an unforgettable experience and a treat, for using these as quotidian product.