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Kaalzua, a Crafted technology

by Kaalzua Website 09 Oct 2023

Kaalzua, a Crafted technology

Kaalzua is a provider of digitally fabricated quotidian furniture. They work with a belief in Avant-Garde crafting expressions and stitch together design and technology to enhance your living.

Kaalzua works on the principle of future furniture, which can be easily modified and moved if you are always on the go. Apart from being DIY furniture, the brand oozes Indian charm, so each product has been designed to reflect the same in its designs.


Taking 3D printing a step ahead ensures quality and durability in their products. Kaalzua thrives on working, offering innovation, and being environmentally cautious. The brand has been reducing its carbon footprint by working with sustainable materials apart from wood

Aasan- a premium affair

One such product is Aasan. Aasan, as the name suggests, has been inspired by the Indian roots which has been designed for long working hours.

Meditation stool is crafted with the best quality Birchwood and comes in a flat-pack design assembled in seconds. Kaalzua offers two colour variants: Midnight black and another natural Birch. Aasan, the meditation stool comes in 700x 470 x275mm and uses imported Sveza top-grade Birchwood, certified for its durability.

This meditation/ work stool comes in 11 pieces, which can be crafted without screws, nails, and glues.


Perfect for your posture

A sedentary lifestyle and pandemic have driven us to long working hours and led to grave health problems. The top one is a wrong posture leading to back and neck problems.

Bearing these problems in mind, Kaalzua offers a piece of new-age furniture which ensures your body posture is in place and you enjoy the work being away from the pain.

Aasan is perfect for long hours of work from home; this seating inspired by Indian roots is ideal for work. Aasan is crafted digitally with premium quality Birchwood and extremely comfortable upholstery. Aasan is specially designed for long continuous work hours while keeping your posture in place. The low height stool allows one to sit cross-legged comfortably for those long sitting hours and ensures a comfortable seating position.

Functional Furniture with Zero Assemble time

Kaalzua is a pioneer in designing futuristic furniture enabled with AR product Visualization and AI-Assisted Customization. We are offering solutions to modern-day problems with sustainable products and DIY products. The furniture is flat-pack furniture is designed keeping in mind the concerns of shifting and setting up a new home.

Aasan is an essential piece of furniture with its simple flat-pack design, which takes seconds to be assembled in seconds. Furthermore, with its ergonomic design, the furniture makes the stool ideal for a work from setup and meditation. The furniture is minimalistic but gives a functional experience perfect for the city lifestyle.

Caution is the Key

Aasan stool should not be modified for any other purpose beyond the intended use. Incorrect and forceful use can cause injury. While assembling, it is suggested to double-check for proper placements of joints in assigned places. Once the stool is assembled and in use, it is advised to check the knobs as they can get loose periodically.

Avoid standing on the stool, as standing a leaning is risky and can cause personal injury. In addition, loading the seat for more than 120 kgs can cause damage to the product. Kaalzua also advises keeping the stool away from children. Don’t allow them to stand and play with knobs, and there are risks of choking and suffocating.


Aasan is the future stool, which takes minutes to deconstruct and assemble. The vital feature is hardware-free joinery. Kaalzua is working to provide durable, minimal, and functional furniture without compromising the design. Aasan is perfect for work and can be used as a meditation stool. It helps with maintaining proper posture and help with sitting for long hours.

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