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by Kaalzua Website 09 Oct 2023

Kaalzua is a design-technology startup with a zero inventory business model which designs and digitally fabricates customizable flat pack furniture and furnishings.

We are crafters of Digitally Fabricated quotidian products. Our brand aims at a sustainable change to create a positive impact in the furnishings industry that cater to a mass audience. Our core idea is to digitally manufacture products which are used in daily life and serve a functional purpose. In the paradigm of design and technology we create flat pack furniture and furnishings that are assembled without any screws, glue or welding.

We have started our journey of digital fabrication with a CNC flatbed router to create an array of flat pack furniture and utilitarian products which are rapidly manufactured. We aim to include similar technologies and use design as a tool to mass manufacture quotidian products.

Working in the realm of ‘Industry 5.0’, Tech helps our R&D to become more efficient and proves to be useful in delivering to you, the best of products in the shortest time possible. We believe in a greener future and have moulded our digital manufacturing process to accommodate different sustainable materials other than wood.

We have reimagined how we manufacture our furniture and products. We make solutions. We are Kaalzua.

The 600 billion dollar furniture and furnishings industry has extreme dependency on manual labour which causes resource wastage while manufacturing resulting in increased costs, limited scalability and a non-sustainability. With decade old conventional processes being practiced, the industry has high inventory storage costs, longer customisation periods and extremes logistical hindrances. The industry has a void in “on-demand “custom manufacturing, which is causing a hindrance to cater to masses for their furniture and furnishings needs.

We operate from the domains digital fabrication primarily design and technology and create what is impossible to build by hands but can be quickly assembled through digital fabrication.

Innovation in design paves our road to rapid manufacturing of flat pack furniture and utilitarian products. With an on demand zero inventory model, we can fabricate furniture with less material wastage and still achieve the scalability and customization that Caters to a consumers high-demand of individualization in their products. We have created a fleet of furniture and products at more affordable prices, and progressing into digitally fabricated houses.

Kaalzua is brand with urban ethos, catering to city dwellers looking for space saving utilitarian furniture and products. The brand resonates its ethics with the largest emerging segment across the world .The products are designed with sustainability at its core and are made to last long with a minimal carbon footprint.

At Kaalzua We have highly efficient virtual processes which help us in creating innovative solutions at the fastest pace in the furniture and furnishings industry.

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